Investment Philosophy

Founded in 1999, Grisanti Capital Management remains an independently-owned investment manager.


Our objective is straightforward: the long-term preservation of capital, while seeking opportunities to compound that capital at an attractive rate of return.  In a world increasingly focused on short-term reward - and increasingly inattentive to risk -  we believe our disciplined, patient approach to buying high-quality companies at moments of significant undervaluation is the best way to achieve this goal over the long-term.

How we achieve attractive long-term returns:

• Buy high-quality businesses at reasonable prices for the long-term.


• Focus on underlying economic values and business performance.


• Stay within our circle of competence – a complicated investment doesn’t necessarily indicate higher expected returns.

Our research-intense and concentrated strategy generally consists of 15 - 25 positions.  Our portfolio is not index-driven and does not mimic benchmarks, which we believe is the primary reason for GCM’s long-term record of out-performance.

Grisanti Capital Management

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