Founded in 1999, Grisanti Capital Management is a independent Registered Investment Advisor, that manages capital via separately managed accounts (SMAs).


Our most important asset is our clients.  We believe our investors should invest in us with the same guiding principles that we use to invest in businesses.  We believe that superior long-term performance is dependent on the alignment of our goals, objectives and expectations with that of our clients allowing for consistent execution of our strategy.  A mismatch can alter one’s investment mentality resulting in a focus on risky short-term results rather than disciplined long-term investing. We welcome long-term oriented investors to Grisanti Capital Management and aim to grow their capital alongside ours for years to come.

In addition to the Grisanti Value Portfolio, we also offer a High Income Equity Portfolio for clients looking to balance both long-term capital appreciation and income. 

Grisanti High Income Equity Portfolio

The High Income Equity Portfolio seeks to balance three goals: safety, income and capital appreciation. It was designed for clients primarily seeking lower volatility and average income while also owning high quality companies that we believe are significantly undervalued by the market. The portfolio has averaged an annual return of 8.3% since inception. 


The portfolio typically consists of a total of 25-35 securities, with a typical holding period of two to three years and is managed for maximum tax efficiency

Grisanti Value Portfolio


This portfolio's objective is straightforward: the long-term preservation of capital, while seeking opportunities to compound that capital at an attractive rate of return.  In a world increasingly focused on short-term reward - and increasingly inattentive to risk -  we believe our disciplined, patient approach to buying high-quality companies at moments of significant undervaluation is the best way to achieve this goal over the long-term.

We employ a research-intensive, concentrated strategy which generally consists of 15 - 25 positions.  Our portfolio is not index-driven and does not mimic benchmarks, which we believe is the primary reason for GCM’s long-term record of out-performance.

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